Breathe, Balance, and Believe in YOU! 

Become your life’s passion.

I am a published author, inspirational speaker, and executive coach excited to help others!

Work-life balance is a challenge every day.  Are you working hard to get ahead at the cost of something in your life?  I can help you figure out a way to take a step back and find the brighter side of life.  My mission is to help others realize their many choices and enjoy a fulfilling life without having to implode it.  Do you need to change the way you look at your life, your job, your marriage, your friends?

My life started on a farm in Wisconsin, went to finishing my undergrad degree at night and working full time during the day.  At my first corporate position, I earned my MBA at night while again working all day and was able to complete my Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate at the same time. I have always worked hard to get ahead and further my career.  At the same time, my hard work was destructive to other parts of my life.

I’ve always worked hard to stay on top of my professional career and one day I found a position that intrigued me.  It was a Project Management position with a startup in Denver that didn’t require travel and was a chance to try something new.  My decision was based on the need for balance in my life and realizing that I needed to slow down.  One of my favorite quotes is “You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”


At the time, leaving my 14-year career seemed like the only choice I had to find my work-life balance.  My career had evolved into traveling every week and working 60 hours per week.  I felt like I was going to be sick like a physical illness was going to force me into reassessing my life.  Once I accepted the new position, there was a lot of free time in the evenings and weekends.  I decided to identify my top ten fears.  My goal was to conquer all those fears and find happiness within myself.  By making a conscious choice to change my life, I was able to find happiness and joy in all the interests and activities I became involved in, including snowboarding lessons, scuba diving certification, and traveling for fun.  Today I enjoy writing, reading, coaching others, and finding ways to give back.

My choices changed my life for the better but if I hadn’t recognized what I was allowing in my life, I’m not sure what would have happened.  Through these changes, I discovered that my life’s passion is to help others balance their lives and find success without having to take the drastic measures I did.  

I am grateful for the opportunities that were presented to me once I started to take action for change.  Only you know what needs to change.  Let’s work together to explore your options and find your path to a balanced, fulfilled, and happier life!



• MBA, University of Dallas
• BS, Roosevelt University


• Life Coach Certification
• Project Management Institute, Project Management Professional (PMP)​

• National Speaker’s Association – Academy Participant
• Autism Speaks - Fundraising
• 365 Soulful Messages publishing November 2019

"Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because it is the one that is going to help you grow."