Speaking With Confidence, Authority and Authenticity

The ability to communicate effectively in front of groups or individuals is critical to your success.

Whether you are delivering the company keynote, presenting in the boardroom, representing your company at a conference, participating in a panel discussion or are seeking to gain followership from your employees, it is essential to acquire powerful and practical tools to express yourself with authenticity and clarity.

Sometimes you need help to accomplish your goals and realize your potential. 

Amy Coppola understands the art of speaking. Her personalized approach as a public speaking coach and her confidence as a speaker will help you understand and bring your message to life with power, authenticity, and confidence.
Learn the secrets to communicating in ways that reflect who you really are!

Amy is not just a speaking coach. She is also a keynote speaker herself. Some of the topics she has presented before are: 

  • Triggers: Creating Behavior that Lasts, Becoming the People and Organizations We Want to Become

  • Mojo: Increasing Meaning, Happiness, and Employee Engagement

  • What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: Helping Successful People Get Even Better

  • Coaching for Leadership: Developing Ourselves, Coaching Our People, and Building Engagement

  • Global Leadership: The Next Generation

  • Women in Leadership: Unique Challenges and Opportunities